Thorne Rainwater Systems have been providing roofing and drainage solutions for their UK clients for many years.


    Our highly motivated team are fast to react to new building demands and have invaluable skills to cope with any project challenges.

    Our portfolio demonstrates that our clients have confidence in tackling large, prestigious projects within many diverse industrial sectors, from sport and leisure to shopping centres, hotels, factories, universities and schools.

Demands from architects and contractors on modern buildings can often make the installation of conventional rainwater drainage a difficult task.

Several factors have to be considered to make syphonic rainwater system work effectively. Specially designed roof outlets take into account rainfall intensity rate and to design the pipework configuration to optimise performance.

We design and install both Syphonic Geberit HDPE and Cast Iron Syphonic Rainwater Systems.

    Rainwater can be easily routed to collection tanks for future recycling, e.g. rainwater harvesting, irrigation, fire ponds, etc.

    You can talk to us direct or arrange your architect or contractor to organise the first phase meeting to discuss future project requirements.

    Software packages save time and provide: Isometic drawings, Hydraulic calculations, Material lists including fixing components. All documents are available in hard copy or can be emailed anywhere in the world.

Our experienced technical team welcome the opportunity to view design ideas inorder to establish project procedures and costs.

Thorne Rain Water Systems
Thorne Rain Water Systems
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Thorne Rainwater Systems download section is available for Architects, Consultants and Contractors to select and read common files.

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