The EPAMS cast iron rainwater systems provide perfect syphonics solutions, as it requires fewer vertical stacks and reduces installation time. Stone / concrete roofs, channelled steel sheet roofs and wooden roofs all with waterproof membranes are ideal for this solution. Even roofs with different materials can be considered.

Saint Gobain

More information on Syphonic Cast Iron Systems Saint-Gobain Technical Team article can be read here.

Saint-Gobain Article
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Saint-Gobain Epams Manual

Cast Iron Syphonic Outlet
Outlet Top And Bottom Sections
    In conventional drainage systems the presents of air and the effect of a vortex of air (whirlpool) effect can lead to poor water distribution. With EPRAMS air is prevented from entering the system by means of a special roof outlet that is equipped with an anti-vortex mechanism thus creating a negative pressure and consequent suction effect allowing the pipes to run completely full at maximum efficiency.

    The result of this system means pipe diameters and the total number of pipes required are reduced. Horizontal pipes no longer need to be installed with a gradient to facilitate flow.

    Cast iron absorbs sound therefore reducing the need for pipe insulation requirements. Cast iron is also non-combustible, meeting all fire regulations. No expansion joints or thermal limiters are needed. The long life expectancy of cast iron will last the life time of the building.

    Maintenance of the system is at a minimum. A twice yearly inspection at the start of spring and at the start of autumn is advised to clean debris and slit. All anti-vortex devices are simple cleaned with water and refitting is easy and quick. All overflows are inspected at the same time making the complete system easily manageable.


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Syphonic Roof Drainage Systems have many advantages over Convention Systems and provides freedom and flexibility for building designs.

Many large projects have used the syphonic system to overcome installation problems which would have been difficult to solve using a traditional gravity rainwater system.


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